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rose honey elixir

  • rose honey elixir
  • rose honey elixir
  • rose honey elixir

the beautiful rose is an elixir for the heart and the emotions of heartbreak, sadness and grief. calming for the nervous system, rose bring joys and is uplifting for the mood; she is indeed the most gentle heart-opening tonic for stuck emotions. both the rose and honey itself are considered antioxidant rich.

our rose honey elixir is gently macerated in brandy and raw honey for 6-8 weeks before being strained and bottled. brandy is used to extract the properties of the rose as well as lending to shelf stability.

how to use: take 1 dropperful under the tongue up to 4 times daily. can also be added to herbal tea, water or cacao for a rosy elixir boost.

ingredients: brandy (40%), raw honey^ (40%) and spring water (20%) infused with rose petals (rosa centifolia). homegrown^


shake well before use. store in a cool dry place. cease use if adverse reaction occurs.

made with love and intention.

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