postpartum herbal soak

  • postpartum herbal soak
  • postpartum herbal soak

a soothing, supportive blend of anti-inflammatory, vulnerary and antimicrobial herbs mixed with sea salt to promote skin repair and protect those tender areas postpartum. calming herbs such as lavender and chamomile also support mood to ensure a smooth transition into motherhood.

how to use: steep a handful of herb in 1L of boiling water, covered, for 30 min. strain, discarding herbs in compost, placing liquid into bath. dilute mix just enough for water to touch bottom of thighs and soak in bath for 20-30 min. if using sitz bath, pour liquid into sitz bath once mix is lukewarm. discard liquid after use.

can be used in a bathtub or sitz bath, as well as a compress or in a peri-bottle.
safe to use once or twice daily postpartum as long as infection is not present. shake contents of bag before use to ensure herbs and salt have mixed thoroughly.

ingredients: calendula flowers*, chamomile flowers*, lavender flowers*, rose petals*, yarrow*, gotu kola leaf*, myrrh resin* and sea salt. *organic

if irritation occurs, discontinue use.

250g - Earth Bag packaging is fully compostable (remove tin tie before composting).

Disclaimer: The products that we sell have not been evaluated by the TGA. Our products are not intended to diagnose, cure or prevent any disease or health concern. Always consult with your doctor first before using our herbal range and always be sure to patch test first. The information that we provide on our website and social media is simply based off our own personal experience to provide inspiration and not from a health care professional.