custom tea blend

  • custom tea blend
  • custom tea blend
  • custom tea blend

a bespoke, personalised tea - naturopathically blended, just for you.

custom tea blends can be tailored specifically to your needs to assist with specific ailments or health concerns such as:
-digestive complaints
-postpartum & lactation support
-skin conditions
-sleep issues
-stressful or anxious periods
-low energy & fatigue
-hormonal issues
-immune support

after purchasing, you will be sent a short questionnaire which will help us tailor specific herbs to your needs. most (if not all) of the herbs used are organic, where possible.

60g - packaging is fully compostable.

made with love and intention.

Disclaimer: The products that we sell have not been evaluated by the TGA. Our products are not intended to diagnose, cure or prevent any disease or health concern. Always consult with your doctor first before using our herbal range and always be sure to patch test first. The information that we provide on our website and social media is simply based off our own personal experience to provide inspiration and not from a health care professional.