mooncycle ease tea

  • mooncycle ease tea

{floral & grounding}

a richly coloured, floral mix of herbs with minty notes, blended together to promote healthy hormone balance and support nervous system health. enjoy throughout the day, particularly in the lead up to menstruation.

how to use: shake bag before use. steep 1-2 tsp in 250ml boiled water for 10min. for more therapeutic benefit, steep for up to 30min. strain and serve.

ingredients: chamomile flowers*, shatavari root*, hibiscus flowers, dandelion root^, rose petals*, liquorice root*, ginger root*, passionflower aerial parts*. *organic, ^wildcrafted

store in a cool, dry place. made from local & imported herbs.

handmade with love.

50g - packaging is compostable (remove labels beforehand)

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